Star For Life was founded in 2005, by philanthropist Dan and Christine Olofsson, purely with a desire to be exemplary on the part of social responsibility, in ending the effects of HIV and AIDS on young people. 

The other founding members include Sam Olofsson, Dr Lungile Nyathikazi, Peter Janzon, Siphile Mdaka, Anders Lindbald and Pierre Delvaux.  This team has desired to bring lasting change to youth in community by ensuring that Star for Life brings interventions to schools in a way that blends young people’s education with other information on health matters.

The founding members have remained on the Board of Directors and have consolidated it’s operations by incorporating other members, so that the board complies to principles of governance.

To enhance functionality of the Board of Directors, we have established supportive subcommittees which will enhance corporate governance. Among other SFL now embed an inseparable interface between financial reporting and programme development, where the programme development subcommittee integrates financial and resource reporting, as our way of subscribing to Corporate Governance.

It is also in the spirit of compliance to good governance that SFL the board treated the identifying of key stakeholders from the community and other players in the sector as a matter of principle.