Siphosabadletshe High School - where it all began

The idea for the Star for Life was born when founder and Chairman Dan Olofsson and his wife, Christine, started a business project in the region. They saw how the people of South Africa, especially children, affected by HIV and AIDS. Its devastating effects were spouses Olofsson to launch a project at a local school. In collaboration with school leaders, behavioral scientists, communicators and musicians from South Africa and Sweden, they took on the challenge of creating the program. Originally called Initiative Star School. It subsequently changed its name to the Star for Life.

The initiative is based on the idea that prevention information to be coordinated in a work which attempts to enhance students' self esteem - hence the Star for Life's emphasis on the individual's dreams and hopes and to deliberately work with music and sports.

Star for Life launched its first program on Siphosabadletshe High School in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa 2005th The school has nearly 1,000 students and 30 teachers. The program was well received by both students, teachers and parents, which gave birth to the idea of ​​introducing it on a number of other schools in the region.

The program has since expanded to 90 schools. Eight schools in the Durban area, and 20 schools in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Today (March 2011), the program reaches more than 90 000 students and 3000 teachers and their families in the neighborhood.

Since the first pilot project started, the Star for Life established relationships with a number of reputable partners who have funded many programs and specific projects. Star for Life has launched operations with a mobile testing clinic that provides greater opportunity and accessibility for people to get tested. In 2011 also starts activities with evening teaching with a focus on participation. Here we focus on "skills" that may be important to the world of work.