Because of what we have set to achieve, we are deliberate about robust information and we want to have the confidence that we are able to see and explain the changes attributed to our work. It is by no coincidence that we have set our monitoring and evaluation to address four principles of universality across our programmes;
  • the indicators used to operationalise the information into measurable data;
  • comprehensive set of functional M&E tools and processes through which the data is collected and captured in a data set;
  • the ways in which the data is analysed, and;
  • the ways in which the analyses and findings are communicated to various audiences and stakeholders.
Our M&E unit already holds considerable expertise and experience, a fact that will greatly facilitate the implementation of any further improvements that may be necessary.
Our outcome indicators are measured over a considerable period of implementation, where varied methods are used accordingly to operationalise what is meant by ‘empowerment’ or ‘self-esteem’, i.e. measured through quantitative data, in order to test the SFL claim that young people will be more empowered and have higher self-esteem.