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#BringBackOurGirls Campaign at Cwakeme High School.

posted 19 Jun 2014, 00:25 by ntobeko dlamini   [ updated 19 Jun 2014, 00:28 ]

The successful social media campaign against the abduction of more than 200 Nigerian girls; #BringBackOurGirls Campaign has prompted learners from schools around the world to take action against the abuse of woman and children.

                                            Learners carrying placards written slogans against the abduction of girls in Nigeria.


On Thursday, 5th June 2014 a crowd of learners, teachers and parents marched around Cwakeme High School to raise awareness against the abduction of the Nigerian girls and child abuse.

Learners chanting slogans against child and woman abuse.


The learners carried banners with slogans urging the abductors to ‘bring back the girls unharmed.’  Some of the banners read; “Please do not stand in the way of our dreams” and “Enough is enough, bring back our girls.”


A furious Grade 12 learner; Phumzile Ngcobo said what’s happening in Nigeria should never happen to anyone or anywhere in the world. “Those are young girls with big dreams, they don’t deserve to be robbed of their right to an education” said Phumzile.


An angry parent who joined the march said; it is very sad that young girls can be taken away from their homes for so long. “I cannot even start imagining what their mothers think or feel right now, this is totally unacceptable and we have to do something about it.”


Star For Life Programme Manager Mr. Jean Daniel Kabati praised teachers and learners for initiating the campaign, "I can't put it in words how grateful and proud I am with what you initiated today, as young people. As humans we should always remember that woman and girls are the beautiful flowers of our continent and they are the future of our Africa. Let’s Love them, Respect them, Honor and Take care of them."