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Coach Madika Pheleu conducted workshops in Sweden.

posted 13 Mar 2013, 01:37 by ntobeko dlamini
It was on Thursday the 31st of January when the coach left from OR Tambo International Airport to Frankfurt Airport in Germany. At 05:30 on Friday the 1st of February, the coach Madika Pheleu left Frankfurt to Copenhagen Airport in Denmark. Upon arrival, the coach received a warm welcome from Sam Olofsson, the Star For Life Secretary General in Sweden office who offered the coach with hospitality and travelling assistance. The main purpose of the visit was for the coach to conduct and facilitate the Star For Life workshops with a number of employees from the Epsilon Company in different cities of Sweden.

Coach Madika Pheleu in the snow.

At the evening of the same day of arrival, Madika went to perform her first presentation in Malmö for Epsilon. She was with the Triple & Touch and SFL ambassadors. There were about 70 employees and on the same day the company was celebrating what we called a “Safari Party”. Most of them were dressed in animal prints and wearing knitted animal wear and materials. It was such a wonderful experience. At this event, the coach talked about dreams and also presented the Star For Life values. The group responded with so much interest, especially after learning the meanings and the gestures made when the pillar colours are shouted.  It was an inspiring experience when most of the audience came to the coach to give gratitude and acknowledgements like “Thank you so much. You are really doing a great job for the youth of South Africa”. A lot of other questions were asked like “Is this your first time in Sweden?”, “How have the experience been like for you to be hear?” The event was made more fun with, and ended with the music from Triple & Touch.


On Saturday the 2nd of February, the coach went on tour to another city three hours from Malmö, Kalmar. The Triple & Touch met with the Swedish Star Choir to perform for a big audience consisted of the elderly, parents and young children.  The coach had been on stage invited by the two gentlemen to motivate Swedish kids and also perform the Star songs on stage. The following day the group continued with the road show to Oskarshamn where there was two more music shows performed. Afterwards there was a fund-raising event and the people were so supportive, and they thought the event was inspiring as well as the good work done by Star For Life for the young.


“It was a very exciting and also educational experience. Everybody in Sweden that I have met was friendly A number of people would come to greet me and introduce themselves to me. It seemed like a unique thing to meet up with someone from South Africa.


All of the days I spent there were my fun moments, full of fun and learning of new things. I got astonished when I had my first performance on stage with Ken and Göran in front of a huge crowd. That was the other part of me that I did not know but discovered in Sweden; singing and performing. I have never thought of it in my life before. And seeing those kids sing as well got me into tears of joy and inspiration. Then I had known the secret of our Star For Life music, ‘the voices of little angels of harmony’ I call them.


The other fun part of it was having to listen to the Swedish people speak their language. I remember on my first day of arrival when I was in a supermarket with Sam to buy some groceries. I had to buy a tooth brush and paste, so I attempted to swipe with my South African debit card, and then it got the pay point machine stuck. And the old lady who was behind me got so angry and started picking her next-on-the-queue groceries. I could only read the expression that no, she must be mad at us….ha ha ha. Most of the time in the workshops I would smile, nod and laugh even when I did not understand a word they said. It was fascinating, it was so much fun.


Other than a lot of things, Sweden is a beautiful place. The winter season got it all white and freezy with snow. Dots of spots of a number of people walking their dogs, others riding their bicycles, and others travelling on horse rides old wooden houses and big churches in villages. I could say more….


This journey showed me once again that “I am a Star”. It was one of the dreams I had never aspired in my life, but Star For Life made it possible…I will always shout AYEYE STAR FOR LIFE AYEYE….”


The week following the music tour weekend the coach continued to visit other cities including Helsingborg, Hässlehol, and Göteborg. Because the crowd is at older ages, the workshop had to be slightly altered into an adult-approach. It went all good. Most of these employees are looking forward to visiting the Johannesburg schools in May this year. The coach landed at OR Tambo International Airport on Sunday 10th February and resumed her day-to-day duties on Tuesday 12th February.