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Music of the young people by young people - golden voices

posted 6 Nov 2011, 07:03 by Rickard Lundquist   [ updated 9 Nov 2011, 00:59 ]
The Star For Life, golden voices in Namibia has been a huge successes. On the 13th of October 2011, Star for Life (SFL) Namibia launched its first CD produced by learners involved in the project titled the Star Golden Voices. This project involved learners from 12 schools of the Khomasdal region in Windhoek. To celebrate this event many important men and women were gathered at the Windhoek Roman Cathedral hall. The event took two days to give learners an opportunity to come for dress rehearsal before the event. The event was characterised by outstanding performances coming from learners eager to showcase their talents. The venue was a perfect fit for the learners’ performance. The learners took full ownership of the event. “We are grateful to SFL for giving us the opportunity to showcase our talents”, of the learners said.This was a result of hard work coming from the dedicated SFL team and funders.

For better participation of learners and the broad public, various means have been utilised. To name a few “Good morning Namibia” programme which is televised every morning by NBC, The National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) and social networks, such as Facebook. Posters were pasted in twelve schools involved in the project and other strategic places throughout Windhoek. The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation(NBC), Namibian Newspaper and The New Era newspaper were present to witness the moment and ensure that the whole country see the event.

Over 550 persons attended the event including learners. Some of the participants had to drive more 100 kilometres to be part this event.It was moving to see how many people came to see this event and give support to the young people. Ms A. Awases, the Director of Planning, Namibian Ministry of Education; the Director of HAMU (HIV/AIDS Management Unit were amongst the invited guests. Ms Awases delivered the key note speech on behalf of the Deputy Minister of Education, Dr David Namwandi as he could not be there.

The University of Namibia choir was also invited. They inspired the youth with their leader Mr B. Pereko. Their participation was not just a performance but they did set a standard for the young artists to follow within in their schools. Their voices were tuned to perfection, the melody kept the crowd wanting more after their performance.

“VOCAL KINGS” also featured as invited artists. They also staged a splendid performance. They captured the crowd attention by their special African lyrics. Miss A. Awases, The Director of Planning in The Ministry of Education praised Star For Life for the realisation and thanked all the learners for the outstanding performance. 
Choirs that were present include:
- Acacia high School
- Highline  Sec School
- I. Shifidi Sec  School
- Jan Jonker Afrikaner Sec School
- Eldorado Sec school
- A.Shipena Sec School (absent from event, present on cd)
- HageGeingob Sec School
- Cosmos High School
- Goreangab Junior Sec School
- Augustineum Sec School (absent from event, present on cd)
- Groot Aub Junior Sec School.
- Ella Du Plessis High Sec School (absent from event, present on cd)
- Phillip from Augustineum and Betholdt who sang their song called “dreamer” and coloured the event with some nice hip hop.

Posted by Ms Evelina Kalenga-county Manager Namibia