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Star For Life is delighted to welcome new sponsors for Mduku High School: Restaurang Barfota!

posted 1 Mar 2013, 02:48 by ntobeko dlamini   [ updated 5 Mar 2013, 23:55 ]

The sea-side city of Helsingborg, Sweden, has a beach that reaches into the city. On this beach lies the Rastaurang Barfota, which translates to Restaurant Barefoot. The restaurant is open only during the warm summer months and guests are encouraged to take their shoes off and enjoy the feeling of sand between their toes- a feeling that is cherished by Swedish feet that otherwise are cooped up in warm shoes for the rest of the year.

Barfota team giving gifts to the school principal Mr Bukhosini.


Mr Kjell Jacobsson, the Managing Director and his colleagues at the restaurant became convinced they wanted to sponsor a Star For Life School after they attended a concert by the Star For Life choir in Sweden in 2011. When they visited SFL in 2012, it was decided that they would sponsor the programme at Mduku High School. A group of four colleagues visited Hluhluwe again this year a few days before and after the launch of the programme on the 12 February 2013. Mr Jacobsson said, the whole team is delighted to be part of Star For Life: “Today we’re fulfilling a dream. Together with Star For Life and the school we can help bring tremendous positive change in the lives of these learners”. Mr Jacobsson and colleagues spoke and showed images of their city and restaurant at the launch, and they brought gifts to the school. True to their generous and fun spirit, the four colleagues delivered their speech to the school in their bare feet! For Star For Life, sponsors like Restaurang Barfota are treasured partners that allow us to run our programme and help young people to dream of and work towards a better life, a life without AIDS. The personal commitment by Mr Jacobsson and his colleagues was evident for all to see, and it promises a strong bond with SFL and Mduku High School. The Principal, Mr Bukhosini, and his team responded in style with an equal commitment to using this new partnership for great benefit to the school.


Mduku High School was one of the first schools that were part of the Star For Life programme from 2006 to 2008. The programme is now re-launched at the school, in line with Star For Life’s newly adopted ‘Model School Strategy’, which means that SFL will work towards empowering learners and strengthening the school during a longer intervention, a strategy that is fully aligned with the KwaZulu Natal  Department of Education to develop ‘Model Schools’ across the province.


The launch was a roaring success with more than 1 300 learners, teaching staff, parents and especially invited traditional and community leaders. Speeches, singing, dancing and good food resulted in a festive day at Mduku High School.


The Director of Star For Life, Dr Per Strand, said the programme aims to motivate learners to build self-esteem in order to reach their dreams: “We want you to know your rights and responsibilities and have the self-awareness every day of your life so that one day, you’ll be able to say I have reached my dream despite the problems and obstacles I may have encountered in my life we want to contribute to your education and your better future, and also to help build a stronger model school”, said Dr Strand.


According to the Star For Life Manager Mrs Precious Dlamini, a Model School is expected to produce strong academic results. But such results are only one of several indicators of a Model School. Other indicators are no teenage pregnancies, no bullying, no littering, and strong respect and discipline. All in all, said Mrs Dlamini, “a Model School is a healthy and positive environment where learners can reach their full potential in becoming young adult’s, citizens who actively help to develop their community and South Africa far beyond the poverty that still defines the lives of many people in KZN and our country.


The partnership between Restaurang Barfota, Mduku High School, and Star For Life is an example of the resources and commitment that can be generated between people from different continents when they meet and agree on programme that can make an actual positive difference to people’s lives. Mr Jacobsson said he and his colleagues can be financial sponsors because they have lived privileged lives, but he emphasised that they have already learned much from and been inspired by their new friends at Mduku High School. It is a partnership that will benefit everyone involved.