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Star For Life learners awarded scholarship to study at an international school in Armenia.

posted 12 Aug 2014, 22:57 by ntobeko dlamini   [ updated 19 Aug 2014, 03:15 ]
The Grade 11 learner from Letsibogo Girls Secondary School in Soweto, Princess Legoadi Ramabele was once under the impression that Private International Schools were only for learners from rich families. However her perception changed completely when the Star For Life Coach told her about the scholarship to study at the international private school in Armenia.

From left; Star For Life Area Manager Mr Sicelo Mathenjwa, Star For Life Coach Zinitha Gumede, 
Mbongiseni Dlamini, Star For Life Coach Cebisile Nene and the 
Star For Life Programmes Manager Mr Jean Daniel Kabati.

Princess is one of the two hard working and deserving learners from the Star For Life partnered schools in Johannesburg, who got awarded a two year scholarship for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at United World Colleges (UWC) in Armenia.


“When my Life Skills Coach from Star For Life, Yoliswa Khoza told us about this opportunity, I knew it was my only chance of studying abroad. So I started doing research and preparing myself for an interview.”


From left; Star Programme Manager Mr. Jean Daniel Kabati, Princess Legoadi Ramabele 
and Star For Life Coach Yoliswa Khoza. 

“I am scared and excited at the same time, the thought of leaving my mother behind still worries me but she has given me all her blessings and I believe I’ll cope very well without her”, said Princess.


Princess lives in Soweto with her mother who works as a general worker in a road agency firm in Johannesburg. “It has always been my dream to take my daughter to a private school, I am so happy for her and I would also like to thank Star For Life team for always being the good role models that they are to our children,” said Gift Ramabele, Princess’s mother.


Princess will be joined by a young hard working and science enthusiast Mbongiseni Dlamini, 16, from Zonkizizwe High School in Katlehong. Mbongiseni lives with his taxi driver step father, mother and three siblings.


“It has always been my dream to study abroad but I never thought it’ would happen while I was still in high school, I am very grateful to Star For Life Coaches; Cebisile Nene and Sicelo Mathenjwa for their support, I didn’t even have the Identity Document but they’ve made sure that I get registered at the home affairs and receive both my ID and Passport.”


When asked what he would like to do after completing the programme, he said his dream is to come back to South Africa once he has completed his Masters Degree in Nuclear Physics. He hopes to study at Colombia University in New York, “South Africa is in desperate need of well qualified nuclear physicists, I want to be part of the team that comes up with new innovative ideas of producing energy in this country”, said Mbongiseni.


Princess and Mbongiseni went through an extensive selection process where twenty learners from different schools applied and ten were called for an interview but only two were selected for the programme.


Star For Life has been able to offer these two unique scholarships thanks to a donation from Mr. Dan Olofsson, the founder of Star For Life. “As an organisation, and on behalf of the two learners, we wish to express our gratitude to Mr. Olofsson for offering the two learners an experience and opportunity that is sure to realise their dreams to become professionals that can make a contribution to their communities and country”, says Dr. Per Strand, SFL Executive Director. “We are sure that Princess and Mbongineni will make SFL and their schools and their families proud.” Princess and Mbongiseni will leave South Africa on Friday, 15 August.