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The future of Africa lies in their hands

posted 13 Aug 2012, 00:49 by Rickard Lundquist

Star For Life continues to invest in young peoples lives for a better future. Star For Life has relaunched its programme at Bukimvelo High school on friday, 03 August.

                                   South African flag together with the Star For life Flag flying high
Today 110 school have participatded in the SFL school project. The event was attended by the officials from department of education, teachers from the surrounding schools, health professionals and community members. Approximately 450 learners gathered at the school ground for this celebration. This event was also attended by general secretary for Star For Life, Mr Sam Olofsson coming from Sweden.
The theme of the day was “Dreams can be fulfilled”, the director of Star For Life in Southern African countries gave an inspiring talk about dreams. He reminded learners that the future of Africa lies in their hands and that no one will bring change to the continent of Africa but them, “ Lets stand up and make Africa a better place to live in” said Mdaka. He also encouraged them to use education as a weapon to fight poverty and thank the funder for SFL school project at Bukimvelo High school, Jochnick Foundation.
                                                 Bukimvelo learners showing Star For Life themes.
Jali Thapelo, a coach at Bukimvelo high school urged learners to speak to him about any possible challenges that might be hindering them from achieving their goals. He encouraged them to use their dream books to express their dreams.

Precious Dlamini the area manager for the schools around the area also urged learners to believe in their dreams despite the challenges that they might be facing. She also reminded learners about the meaning behind the Star For Life logo.

The teachers, parents and learners could not hide the great joy they felt and they appreciated all the assistance they have received from the coaches and from the Star For Life as a whole.

Sabelo Dlamini expressed his gratitude to the couch and all the Star For Life team as a whole, “I would like to say thank you to our coach Thapelo Jali and all the the people from Star For Life for doing this for us, It is such a great pleasure to have someone we can talk to about our problems and not be judged”, said Dlamini. The audience were also delighted by the great performances by the learners from the school. There were couple of poems recited and different music and dance genres were also performed. The event was ended with the raising of the South African and the Star For Life flags, while the school choir was singing the national anthem as a signal pride.