The strategy for 2010 to 2013 plans a growth of Star For Life beyond the borders of South Africa to enable its application of either the existing model OR a modification thereof, depending on socio economic circumstances of the host countries, and there already is demonstrated success of the roll out plan by having entered Namibia during the Financial Year 2011. 
In this growth the Board of Directors of SFL has committed to lead the organisation, ensuring its sustainability, and carefully giving support to the Executive Management to lead the growth. We proudly announce a growth of 100% from the previous year’s budget.

Notable steps in the expansion mode include the revising of the organisation structure to allow appropriate functional alignment and a value chain that recognises the critical roles performed by each and every of the members of staff. 

We invite all visitors to the SFL website to meet the Board of Directors,  and the SFL team at the Meet Staff Team page.