Star For Life Skills is a new Star For Life (SFL) programme aimed at alleviating poverty and unemployment of young people by providing bridging programmes that assist young people in accessing and benefiting from vocational training, and livelihood activities.

We see SFL seizing the opportunity to enhance young people’s self-esteem by increasing their chances to select and secure appropriate skills, reduce incidences of poverty and unemployment.

The SFL Skills programme is premised on the establishment of partnership between, private sector (host companies), Further Education and Training (FET) colleges, other institutions of higher learning, NGOs which provide services (like the Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative-REPSSI) – (link to REPSSI), other providers of services, and SFL Schools.

We believe this will help in producing appropriately trained, skilled and well informed young people that are ready to take up employment and readily cope with other life circumstances.