It is because we have made a commitment to join hands with the rest of the world in securing a future that will be conducive for our youth to take meaningful leadership for generations to come. We argue that the status quo (being the collective existing efforts to develop children and youth) requires enhanced complementary efforts. So we are thinking together, and we request for the support the world has pledged to this cause.

In our conviction that young people will realise their dreams to live a positive and healthy life, we not only have emphasised in inclusive participation, but have also pronounced our preparedness for accountability to all constituencies we intend to work with. We will be accountable at every given length. We acknowledge and thank our current funders for the unwavering support so far.

The evaluation (link to downloading the SFL evaluation) of our work demonstrates a correlation between Star For life interventions and positive self-esteem observed among young people and learners in schools. With increased support we will expand our interventions to more geographical areas of South Africa and other countries in Southern Africa, to provide a model that enables the first opportunity for young people to formulate their dreams and have those dreams taken seriously to the point of learning what they should do today in order to make the dream a more realistic prospect for tomorrow.

Further, we are poised to apply a multiplier effect by adding to our programmes, financial and advisory support, to other organisations to implement this model, as we join the African philanthropy.